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sacred re-memberings



I am grateful and honored to be presenting Transmissions From The Sacred Feminine: A Labyrinth Journey Into The Center Of The Hive, at The Free Black Women's Library in Brooklyn, NY on October 19th, 2023! 


This is a non-chronological experimental film documenting my study and performance creation over the course of the 2020-2022 graduate academic semesters at Goddard College, Vermont. My thesis film stitches together global narratives of the sacred feminine to the story of my own becoming, through what I call, "the water mandala", a foundational blueprint that circumscribes water’s ability to conceive, nourish, purify, and re-member its mark upon my body of work, as an artist, mother, writer, priestess, and global community citizen.

Using my body as a vehicle for self-discovery and expression, I dance with the water mandala as it is reflected in the world of the bees, apiary culture, and the lineage of sacred feminine wisdom teachings that have informed both my creative practice and spiritual journey.

The work is presented in a series of 13 sections, based on the phases of the moon according to the life-cycle of a honeybee, and described through the storytelling vehicle of the water mandala. While the bee’s journey in the hive throughout the phases of the moon represents a measured archetypal chronology, the film is presented both in and out of time, using a non-linear sequencing framework.


This is an asynchronous screening to allow for accessibility on multiple platforms. Please join me for this very special evening! Tickets are available here.


Laura "Bee" Fergueson & The College of The Melissae

I am immensely grateful and honored to be a part of the College of The Melissae's teachings, under the guidance and wisdom of its Director, Laura  Bee Fergueson.

The College of the Melissae weaves together a Six-Fold Sacred Path of the Honeybee through

Science, (the) Sacred, History, Mystery, Art-Medicine, & Activism. In the College, we honor the integrity of the relationship between bees and humans! We study their ancient sciences, technologies, and global cosmogonies as blueprints for deeper investigations of the seen and unseen worlds. We learn how to honor the connections to our identities as human beings responsible for consciously shaping relationships to nature that are rooted in service. The school offers a diverse range of courses, workshops, and immersions to explore the complex evolution of bees and humanity on our planet. 

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