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How Bees See the World:


Everything begins from the place of consciousness that exists inside the bodies that we're in. What is the anatomy that informs the experience of consciousness in the body of the bee? Here is a great article on how bees see, and why that information has weight in our human worlds.


Bonnie Banks: Bee Guardian, Bed Study, Brooklyn. 

While gathering materials for my graduate study practicum, I had the pleasure and honor of learning from beautiful, brilliant, and unapologetically black bee-centric beekeeper, Bonnie Banks. Bonnie is also the purveyor of the organic artisanal smoking blend Honey Puff. Learn more about her offerings here.


Bee-centric bee midwife, farmer, educator, and bee priestess sister in Northern Mississippi. Ali was also immensely generous in offering her wisdom and insight on psycho-spiritual frameworks of bees within bee shamanism. More on her sacred beekeeping practices here

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