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sacred feminine service

I weave together an in-depth study of apicology and its connections to both my indigenous identity and the sacred feminine. I investigate the relationship between honeybees, pleasure, and the erotic through movement, written expositions, sound installation, and film collage. I am fascinated by the organic movements of bees, and how dance is uniquely used as a form of communication among bees in the hive. Through these vehicles, I serve the bees and our planet by connecting contemporary knowledge of bees and beekeeping to ancient lineages of spiritual practices and cultural belief systems that held the bee as sacred vessels for healing. 

My graduate practicum work entitled, In The Center of The Hive: Honey Bees, Ritual Movement, and Sound Within The Ecology of the Sacred Feminine became a sanctuary for these inquiries. I am currently editing an original film that accompanies my research, scheduled for release in May 2022. For more on this work, or if you're interested in reading a copy of the report, please send me an email.

I am also very proud to serve on 'Team Bee', as a 2022 Rahibe Faculty Member at the College of the Melissae. Beginning in late May, I'll be teaching Part 1 of my new course: Re-membering Herstory: Unveiling the Bee in Sacred Feminine Wisdom, which explores connections between the Isian & Eleusinian Mysteries in venerating the ancient honeybee. Visit the College of the Melissae website to learn more and sign up!  

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