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Activating Ancient Feminine Wisdom As Medicine Through The Yugas


Led by Desiree Mwalimu-Banks


November 11, 12, and 13, 2023

7:00 - 8:30 pm EST

$180 (Monthly Payment Plan Available)

(Live on Zoom with lifetime access to replays)



In this new 3-part course with Desiree Mwalimu-Banks, you will learn about Wadjet, the protective serpent deity of Pre-Dynastic Kemet/Egypt, including Her roles, functions, and worship. You’ll discover the connection between her various forms and epithets, and understand the relevance of Her teachings at this time of profound global transformation.


This course is designed to introduce you to the Serpentine Mysteries. You'll journey to the Per Wadjet Temple and discover how oracular temples in ancient Kemetic civilization were connected to the alchemy of the serpent, and how they were central to daily life in both sacred and secular contexts. You will also learn about the orientation of ancient Kemetic temples and how these alignments were calculated according to significant astronomical events.


Throughout this course, you'll also explore the constellation of serpent deities within the Neteru—the divine principles of Neter (Nature) that support creation. You'll gain a powerful understanding of how the ancient Kemetians folded concepts of duality into an enduring understanding of the cosmos.


This course is for you if:


  • You are drawn to ancient Kemet/Egypt

  • Serpents appear in your waking or dream life

  • You have a strong aversion to serpents

  • Snake energy is part of your birth chart

  • You would like to activate or strengthen your connection to your intuition

  • You would like to activate or strengthen your inner creative fire

  • You would like to deepen your understanding of Kundalini energy

  • You feel self-doubt about your power and how it shows up in the world

  • You have been fiercely protected by feminine figures in your life

  • You fiercely protect others in your life

  • You would like to learn more about the Yugas and their releveance to the energetic signature of humanity at this time

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About Desiree

Desiree is an ordained Priestess of Auset/Isis who has devoted her life to the study of

the Divine Feminine via Africa and its Diasporas.

Her training as both a Priestess of the Isian Mysteries and across multiple lineages which spans decades, are the foundations for her work as an interdisciplinary artist, scholar and educator.

Endlessly inspired by the cosmologies of ancient Kemetic civilization,

Desiree offers a potent body of knowledge that weaves together joy, passion, and rigor, in a space where participants are honored as both curious students and wise teachers, who also bring their own wealth of insight to a shared learning environment.

This course offers embodied moments of connection through break out sessions, art-making, and invitations to engage in both somatic practices, and divination.


While it is not necessary to participate in any of these exercises in order to gain the benefits of this course, it is highly suggested and recommended.


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