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My relationship with bees began at age 5, after a bee sting in my eye. Back then, I had no idea how utterly essential bees were to our existence on this planet. All I knew, is that they felt special to me, and that I enjoyed being in their company. Here is a space for the mighty bee; our world's sacred pollinators. Learn more about the universe of bees, and the vast network of bee lovers, guardians,teachers,artists, and enthusiasts, who honor them here.  

I am interested in reconnecting the deep medicine teachings of the ancient bee to the anthologies of the Divine Feminine wisdom on our planet. What can embodied investigations of place and space in the realm of both bee and human experiences teach us about the identity of all that is both sacred and feminine? This work sits at the core level of my practice both spiritually and artistically. Here is the temple space for these explorations and expositions.

The intention for my practicum on apiary culture and bee wisdom in my 3rd semester of grad school, emerged from a desire to explore my life-long physical and metaphysical connection to bees, and their relationship to the lineage of wisdom teachings that evolved out of the sacred traditions of the divine feminine in ancient Egyptian, Mycenaean, and Minoan civilizations. This work emerged not simply as research or requirement; it became a clear path toward my service offering to my Ancestors, the Bees, the Earth, and the ancient lineages of Sacred Feminine Wisdom. Here's What I've been listening to.

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